About TEDx Salon

Found in schools, libraries, cafes, restaurants, music clubs, living rooms, and at kitchen tables across the globe, TEDxSalon events are truly community affairs: small gatherings where attendees can eat, discuss, brainstorm, and connect in a more intimate atmosphere than a standard TEDx event.

Our main objective for hosting a Salon event: to build community, which is both the engine and cornerstone of TEDx.

Salon events share the same characteristics as our TEDx conference: brevity, opportunities for conversation and heightened interaction between the speaker and audience. Think of it as a dinner party with the smartest people you know. Short and sweet, each event lasts a couple of hours rather than being an all-day affair. And unlike larger annual TEDx events, salons do not have to be as broad in topic—they can focus on any issue, even a question that’s of interest. 

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