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When: Saturday, 6 June, 2020

Time: 5:00 PM (IST)

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The World Has Changed: Can Limited Resources Lead To Better Innovation? 

As we may be heading towards a global recession, with markets plummeting and businesses unable to keep up with the current standards, how can we keep innovating & revive a dipping economy?
Navi brings to the table his idea of business innovation & agile thinking, that can enable businesses to adopt simple techniques and have an ‘innovative agile mindset’ that can help them evolve and overcome the current economic shocks for a post COVID-19 era.

Why should you attend this webinar?

Join us on Saturday, 6th June to understand how businesses must develop a innovative mindset to set India on a sustainable development trajectory. This session will also host Prashant Warrier (Qure.ai) and Vaibhav Chhabra (Maker’s Asylum) who have implemented the idea of agile thinking and business innovation in their respective organisations.

Navi Radjou (Innovation Strategist):

Navi Radjou is a New York-based innovation and leadership thinker who advises senior executives worldwide on breakthrough growth strategies. A Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School, Navi has served on the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Previously, he served as vice president at Forrester Research, a leading technology research and advisory firm in Boston. In 2013, Navi won the prestigious Thinkers50 Innovation Award – given to a management thinker who is re-shaping the way we think about and practice innovation. He delivered a talk at TED Global 2014 on frugal innovation (nearly 2 million views).

Navi co-authored the global bestseller Jugaad Innovation (250,000+ copies sold worldwide) and Do Better With Less: Frugal Innovation for Sustainable Growth, published by Penguin in 2019. He is a sought-after keynote speaker and widely quoted in international media. Born and raised in Pondicherry, India, he holds dual French-American citizenship. He attended Ecole Centrale Paris and Yale School of Management. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. He is a life-long student of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Vipassana meditation. 

Rives (Poet & Storyteller):

Rives is an American poet, storyteller, and author. He appeared on Seasons 3-6 of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam,and has been a member of Team Hollywood, which won the 2004 National Poetry Slam. His best-known poems include “Kite,” about waking up alone in a new lover’s apartment, and “Mockingbird,” which he performs differently every time, incorporating the words of other poets and speakers in the program.


When: Sunday, 7 June, 2020

Time: 6:30 PM (IST)

RSVP / Registration is mandatory to attend to the webinar. 

The World Has Changed: Navigating Technological Change For A Better Future:

Advancing technologies have made it possible to solve the grand challenges of humanity including hunger, disease, energy, and education to create the amazing future of Star Trek. In this ideal world, we could have unlimited and inexpensive food, clean energy, education for all, and live in perfect health.

Yet the same technologies that make this possible can also be used to engineer deadly viruses and create pandemics far worse than Coronavirus, rob humans of their jobs and livelihoods, create massive inequity and social turmoil, and take away our privacy and freedoms. This is the dystopia of Mad Max. The pandemic has taught us all what exponential means and accelerated our move to the future.

Why should you attend this Webinar?

Join us on the 7th of June at 6:30pm IST as leading researcher and teacher in technology development, Vivek Wadhwa, describes the critical crossroad our society is on and why the decisions we make will define our future.

Vivek Wadhwa (Academic & Author):

Vivek Wadhwa is a leading researcher and teacher in technology development and innovation. He has taught at universities such as Stanford, Duke, Harvard, and Carnegie Mellon. Wadhwa is a regular keynote speaker and has been a globally syndicated columnist for the Washington Post and a contributor to publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, MarketWatch, and the Hindustan Times.

Ralph Simon (Founder, Mobilium Global):

Ralph Simon is acknowledged as one of the world’s top international moderators & interviewers. He has had a close association with TEDxGateway for many years & has appeared on the TEDxGateway stage interviewing some of our most distinguished speakers. He has been a prominent trailblazer & innovator around the world & is acknowledged as one of the founders of the modern mobile content & media industry world-wide. He plays a central role in helping to grow the international mobile health, mobile entertainment & content industries around the world, also serving on the Advisory Board of the global mobile trade body, the GSM Association – which facilitates the over 7.5 billion + mobile making up subscribers in every country on earth. 

Simon heads the London-based Mobilium Global Group, which provides high-level strategic counsel & guidance to brands, media companies & professional organizations across the entire mobile spectrum, from mobile handset makers & telco operators, to technology companies, media companies, healthcare organizations, movie studios & TV networks, global music companies & YouTube artists & TV personalities, ad agency groups, brands, & platform providers around the world. An authority on online education, exponential medicine, he is popularly known as “The father of the ring tone”. His distinguished career has also earned him a big following in India, which he visits regularly, and where he is extremely popular in his own right. He is a great friend of India, which he proudly calls his spiritual & professional home.

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